Little me, made in Argentina, "born to act" and all that cliché. Let´s skip it!

Surprise: I´m also a lawyer!. so you can assume I´m not only creative, but also smart. (powerful combination, I know)

After I graduated I decided to leave my lovely degree decorating my parents´ house walls and listen to what my heart was telling me. OK, it was more like screaming. 

I´ve been studying acting for 7 years now. I´m still enrolled in ongoing scene-study classes at AMAW in London. Learning never ends! And I love the craft of acting. 

Sassy, fierce & sweet. At the same time. Bubbly and playful in general. But I can easily tap into my passionate and hot-blooded "Latina" when circumstances require.  

Fun fact: I have my speech of acceptance rehearsed. The most enjoyable part is when I say to my brother "this is for you, that always called me a loser" (Disclaimer: we love each other).

I own a signature positive energy. Be aware: it´s highly contagious!